One Contact (Canada) Inc. and One Contact Inc. are the Canadian and US operating arms of One Contact Inc. (OCI). In 2005 OCI began acquiring contact centers across North America on the basis of 'service offering strength' and management strength and today we have the most compelling engagement solutions available for the sub-300 seat markets including Live Voice, Chat, SMS, Social Media and other customer engagement technologies and solutions. We find our attentiveness and transparency is refreshing to our clients and our speed of execution second to none.

This market is often under served with significant gaps between what the largest of providers are offering and at what price. Most mid-market centers do not have the diversity in capability that OCI brings to the table with proven success and coupled with strong business analytics and considerable facility strength we are able to offer very competitive financial solutions to our clients with uncompromising quality.

Our model affords us the ability to entertain transactions as low as 10 seats and we have helped launch several consumer focused businesses (Financial, Utility, Telco and others) to where they are now successful, self-sustaining and a continued loyal customer of OCI but of much greater scale.