Utility Case Study 2


  • Creating new or moving existing accounts
  • Residential and commercial call handling
  • Explaining to callers detailed information about their bill i.e. kilowatts/gas used, service delivery fees etc.
  • Explaining gas distribution and how other 3d party suppliers work
  • Making payment arrangements on delinquent accounts
  • Taking payments through credit card or pre-authorized payment


The Need: The Utility was undertaking to replace their entire billing solution and required overflow and additional capacity to support the much higher than usual call volumes.

The Timing: 60 days from initial discussion to launch OCI sourced and staffed a bonded team of 100 agents and integrated our secure networks with the customers to support training and launch processes

The Sizing: OCI worked to serve over 1,000,000 end customers with approximately 100 agents

The Benefits: OCI helped the utility avoid expansion 'fixed' costs and was able to put in place the solution far quicker than it would otherwise have been done internally.

The Result: The client was able to launch their new platform and absorb the incremental call volume as clients received their first 'new statements'.