Utility Case Study 3


  • Take calls and sell accounts driven by Direct Mail and other marketing media.
  • Setup accounts and assist customers when prepaying their services.
  • Follow up and renew customers from month to month resulting in Retention
  • Inbound Customer support including billing, customer complaints and more.
  • Create and automated process of delinquent accounts where customers can opt in to speak directly to an agent.
  • Manage and report on disconnection process for accounts that are deemed uncollectible.


The Need: The Utility was launching a new pre-paid Electric Service in the competitive US marketplace.

The Timing: 60 days from initial discussion to launch in an outsourced environment.

The Sizing: OCI Secured and trained initially a small pool of reps while drawing from our shared services pool for any overflow driven by direct marketing initiatives. Within 9 months the program scaled to in excess of 30 resources.

The Benefits: The customers costs were entirely tied to customer growth with a very nominal retainer and incentives to OCI for managing all aspects of the Business Process Cycle and doing it well. Without the fixed costs and build costs of a center the customer was able to aggressively market.

The Result: Today the customer is exceeding their business plan by significant orders of magnitude and remains one of the fastest growing prepaid providers in the market.