Back Office Services

OCI has made significant investments in technology and best practices to economically and efficiently handle back office processing on behalf of our clients. This off-phone work is broad in scope but can include:
  • Form scanning and verification
  • Data entry
  • Account updates
  • Return mail handling
  • Etc

Similar to our management of any client process, OCI begins with a thorough needs analysis and process mapping as part of the initial discovery process in order to ensure that we are utilizing our investments in technology and best practices to not only migrate the work but to also add value in the process. To properly manage a back-office operation, every work item must be broken down into manageable and measurable tasks and assigned a key performance indicator (KPI). Each KPI must then be given a response time goal so that its progress can measured and tracked on an ongoing basis until it is completed. Reports, dashboards and scorecards need to be designed to measure work progress and provide alerts to notify management of out-of-compliance risks. OCI utilizes this information to appropriately reward group and individual performance and to identify process improvement opportunities to enhance the department’s productivity and quality. It is this degree of attention and investment in your processes and continuous improvement that differentiates OCI from others servicing in this area.