Customer Sales and Services

OCI’s persistent endeavor to provide best in class service delivery has resulted in many of our CRMS clients to choose to utilize OCI for operating the Customer Care components of their business.

What sets us apart is our commitment to enhance the customer experience and ability to consistently provide service delivery across customer contacts. We follow a unique approach to ensure high quality delivery. Our belief is that superior customer care not only resolves customers’ concerns but also provides the service providers with an opportunity to capitalize on customer contact by improving sales and fortifying the customer relationship. OCI support teams are trained to have a consultative sales approach rather than focusing just on routine customer service skills.

OCI’s commitment to the collection and application of customer information is an important aspect of our Customer Care solution. Having updated customer records ensures a better understanding of our client’s customers and is extremely useful in planning and developing future CRM campaigns. Our ability to integrate CRM and enterprise contact enables us to capture, prepare reports, and use customer data for improving customer satisfaction and improve sales efforts. The integration with CRM and our Customer Service Selling with throughput makes OCI’s solutions truly indispensable.