Program Management

Program Management is the process of managing several related projects or portfolio of products. OCI is proud of the growing number of clients that request us to completely tack over and migrate the management of their programs to our facilities. This program management often includes a blend of inbound, outbound and back office processes across the entire lifecycle of our clients’ customers including acquisition, customer service, upsells / cross sells, escalation, retention and win-back. This level of trust and engagement is often built over time and the culmination and uniting of multiple individual programs into a single synergistic enterprise support model. Organizational flexibility is one of the keys to building an overall effective design solutions that require:
  • Focus – experienced and empowered teams that are both scalable and flexible to ensure long term alignment with client goals and continuous improvement of the work products they produce
  • Communication / Transparency
  • Transparency - This type of model is complemented by OCI’s transparent and immersive approach with each of our clients that insures an alignment of goals and strategy at all levels and a seamless flow of information between all parties