• Provide customer service support for a large US bank loyalty program
  • Setup new accounts, transfer balances, and combine accounts
  • Explain to new and existing customer how the reward system works and how they can earn points
  • Assist customers purchasing travel, merchandise and other rewards with their points
  • Work with bank branches on new incentives for card holders and escalations


The Need: The customer was migrating entirely to a new loyalty system and away from the card underwriter systems which came bundled with call center service. Our clients customers were treated like their competitor customers and they wanted to control their customer base and the quality of service provided.

The Timing: 60 days from contracting OCI launched our live inbound customer service solution in conjunction with the customer system going live.

The Sizing: OCI Trained and staffed approximately 50 agents to support the complex solutions.

The Benefits: The customer gained greater control without having to increase their fixed costs

The Result: Over a very short period of time, and in connection with advanced IVR systems, OCI, the customer and the customers partners migrated 4,000,000 card holders to a new platform.