Onshore Solutions

One Contact Inc. operates business process outsourcing centers in North America providing customers with tailored solutions to fit any budget and service requirement. With facilities in Toronto, Canada nd Reno, Nevada; OCI is an onshore serviceprovider that works with its clients to understand and provide a quality brand building exchange.

Our flexible hybrid operations and pricing models ensure that clients utilize the optimal mix of dedicated and shared cost efficiencies without sacrificing service quality. This customer focus allows the client to deliver a successfulbrand building experience that can result in superior sales, satisfaction and retention. All this is achieved in an environment that is tailored to meet each client’s unique security and business continuity needs.

As our client, we will work with you to determine the optimal service delivery that best utilizes our technology and business process investments, while offering a pricing approach that is tailored to optimize value to you and your customers.

End to End Solutions