One Contact provides both physical and logical security for its clients' programs.

To do this, we have established and continue to maintain procedures and tools to safeguard and insure that security and data integrity are not compromised, and to protect our clients' information assets that are in our environment. One Contact works closely with each of their clients to ensure that we as an extension of your organization adhere to the same security policies and standards.

Our procedures and policies can be summarized as follows:

Physical Security

  • Each of our centers has a card reader security system with security zones to restrict access to authorized individuals.
  • Our centers have designated areas equipped with a video monitoring system with continuous video recording of major access points.
  • Our server rooms are located in secure areas with access limited to our IT Director and the authorized network administrators.
  • Our team leaders are constantly walking the floor to monitor agents and are able to quickly identify any inappropriate behavior concerning our clients' data.
  • Daily and weekly backups are performed and data is stored securely offsite in a level II facility, accessible only by authorized personnel.

Logical Security

  • Our LAN is secured by a Juniper firewall to keep information safe from access by outsiders.
  • Each client segment is segmented by IP domain, VLAN and routing restictions.
  • We provide access to client systems to agent users only. All agents are required to memorize their passwords, and upon separation from the company, their accounts disabled.
  • Each workstation is configured against a hardened configuration and global security policy, which restrict access to disk space, configuration settings, and unauthorized applications.
  • Passwords are changed frequently by mandatory prompt.
  • Outbound Internet access is restricted by a Network Intrusion Detection and Content Filtering Appliance. Only white listed sites are permitted to be accessed by agents and supervisors. The white lists are managed by client segment.