Technology as an Enabler to Process

OCI has made significant investments in its technologies so that we can deliver similar types of efficiencies and visibilities to small and medium sized programs that are typically available on larger programs. Creating IT solutions for smaller sized opportunities is challenging and why many providers avoid engagements of less than 100 seats.

Smaller programs often require similar recording capabilities, real-time reporting portals, comprehensive workforce modeling solutions, call overflow & redirect capabilities, BCP & DRP, robust IVR, CTI, CRM and Case Management applications, however, most providers in this market cannot provide such robust and turnkey solutions to potential clients.

IT solutions that achieve these ends are often only available to large programs because of the expense and overhead allocated to the program, however, through OCI’s strategic investment in our telephony suite hub and spoke networking approach, we have been able to extend this same high level of service, protection and transparency to programs as small as 10 agents.

As a boutique player, we have to be smart regarding innovation and clearly demonstrate excellent ingenuity and creativity when he comes to innovation on a continual basis. OCI has created a technology and toolset backbone across all of our centre and programs that uniquely equips us to manage diverse small-to-medium size engagements with a level of sophistication, engagement, and client transparency.

Our strategic direction for technology innovation focuses on the following areas:

  • Telephony Solution
  • Reporting and Portal Access
  • Call Recording & Quality Management

Telephony Solution

OCI has invested in a very scalable telephony suite. This product bundle enables inbound IVR and outbound blast messaging capabilities, in addition to blending the routing of inbound call, predictive dialed calls and offline work to available agents. In doing so it drives our delivery capability.

For dedicated teams it allows us to drive multiple contact types inbound, outbound or offline activities to available agents to consistently maximize occupancies in to 80 to 90 percent range. For shared agents it allows us to drive contacts (inbound or outbound) from multiple accounts to a single agent group again to maximize occupancy (85%+) and drive significant value and cost savings back to our clients.

It also provides for 100% call recording that can be access by our clients in near real time ensuring transparency in our operations and the assurance of consistent quality everywhere – from anywhere! Similarly daily, interval and near real time reporting and dashboards are available to our clients through secure access protected portals so that they have a full view into any data they require.

Reporting and Portal Access

As part of our more offering to clients, rather than creating lists of reports and lists of delivery schedules, OCI provides access to the data you want in near real time, when you want. OCI accomplishes this by providing our clients access to a fully managed secure web site portal to provide a real-time view of Customer’s specific data. The reports provided in the portal are specific to customer and include daily, interval and near real time reporting and dashboards.


Call Recording and Portal Access

OCI clients may similarly access call recording and quality assessment information on their programs through a secure OCI provided portal. Here clients can view Online forms that are directly tied to the media server and the call that was scored. Quality analysts fill the customized form real-time while scoring calls that are captured on a 100% basis. OCI has the ability to capture 100% of inbound/outbound calls recordings.


Service Desk and Process Flow Solution

OCI has partnered with EasyVista to deliver a comprehensive, integrated, modular solution suite spanning the complete IT service management and asset management lifecycles that enables IT organizations to run more efficiently and rapidly evolve to meet ever challenging business requirements.

The customer centric focus is intended to provide the flexibility our customers need. The workflow solutions are capable of supporting an organization’s current ITIL maturity and IT service management strategy as well as meet the future requirements and strategies to adopt ITIL best practices which can improve the overall quality of IT services and reduce the total cost of ownership.