OCI offers extensive inbound sales, service, escalations and helpdesk solution that can be combined to create a holistic single source of support for your customers, or taken advantage individual to successfully overcome an challenge your organization may be facing. Our extensive breadth in providing inbound service couples these services with quality management, scheduling management, continuous improvement, guaranteed service levels to deliver consistent and continuously improving:
  • Average Handle Times
  • Speed of Answer
  • First Call Resolutions
  • And other metrics important to each compaign

Our IVR and ACD front end can be integrated to your client databases for 'call avoidance' strategies and our real time reporting via our customer portal ensures you don't have to 'wonder' about how your clients are being service. You simply login and listen to call recordings and peruse the ample reporting to maintain confidence in your services. There are many components to inbound that we deliver today and some of them follow. If you see a fit for your business find out how to partner with us through