When telemarketing is done right it works well and the customers we onboard for you are happy. When it's done wrong, or when customers are bullied it impacts your brand - badly. In fact with new DNC regulations it's important to leverage our experience and memberships to make sure that compliance is not called into question when acquiring new customers. Outbound services can be used for many applications including telemarketing, first bill calls and the entire suite below but if you create a poor experience with your prospective customers then you miss out on future opportunities. A 'sale' isn't a 'good sale' until it is properly verified using specific procedures, recorded, and the customer account is activated for service delivery. OCI can provide an end to end solution OR verify your existing third party sales to make sure they are treating your customers with the high standards you expect.

Features of our sales and conversion programs:

  • Product sales & service
  • Lead generation
  • Database management
  • Product registration
  • Retention campaigns
  • Winback campaigns
  • Verification activities
  • Up-sell and cross-sell initiatives
  • DNC Management and compliance