Minimal Infrastructure, Maximal Results

What if you could have your cake and eat it too? In a business context, what if you could have high quality local agents at a service rate comparable to offshore contact centres? Introducing the Work-At-Home-Agents model.

The Work-At-Home-Agents model introduces a new level of pricing flexibility to program development by minimizing the typical physical infrastructure requirements (i.e. facilities, desktop equipment, furniture and fixtures) that are normally baked into the cost.

High quality, local agents are no longer tethered to existing physical operating facilities. They operate from the comfort of their own homes, diluting infrastructure expenses.

Each agent provides their own communication hardware and high speed internet access, all to minimum requirement specifications set by One Contact.


Agents access the One Contact engagement technology platform through high speed internet access to a virtual private network connection.

Communication software installed locally on the agent desktop, combined with access to cloud applications, deliver the same capabilities that are found within the physical contact centres.

Agents are arranged into a mesh network that allows for uptime redundancy by intelligently routing communications in real-time.

Outside of the obvious cost advantages, the Work-At-Home-Agents model also drastically increases capacity upper limits. By not being bound by the physical space of a building, aggregated volumes of disparate agents over wide geographies translates into very high capacity potential, all of which is located in North America.

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