A Business Built On People

Human Capital is Our Most Important Asset

We are technology enabled, but we are people powered. Success comes from forging genuine human relationships with customers and that means an emphasis on developing brand ambassadors.
Human capital

Recruitment & Hiring

It starts with development of a client led brand ambassador profile. Details in the profile describe the traits and qualities necessary to successfully represent the client organization.

The recruitment  process then uses this profile to identify possible candidates. These candidates are then put through behavioural and practical skills tests in order to move through to hiring.

Training & Development

Like with the recruitment process, the client plays a pivotal role in helping to develop a customized training curriculum. Using our proprietary in-class and live environment training approach, hired candidates are educated on the campaign particulars and the client’s organizational culture and purpose.

Coaching For Performance

Development doesn’t end with the initial training. On-the-job coaching and development is a daily undertaking that leverages individualized performance improvement planning methodologies.

Key to our success is the alignment of performance-based incentives with client goals. Our approach is to not only incent the end result, but the positive behaviours that lead to that result.

Career Pathing

The largest contributing factor to poor overall campaign performance is attrition. It’s simply not possible to perform at peak levels if you are continuously climbing the learning curve.

Our approach to limit this phenomenon is to create a safe, nurturing work environment with clear paths to greater career success. This translates into greater employee satisfaction and allows us to deliver some of the lowest attrition rates in the industry.

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