Channel-to-Channel Fluidity

Omnichannel Support For Your Multidimensional Customer

Ask yourself, “how do your customers currently communicate with their friends and family?” Now ask yourself, ”how can your customers communicate  with your organization?” Are the answers the same?

The call centre started with single channel support over the phone. Enter the digital era and the introduction of multi-channel support (i.e. one agent group attending phone communications, one agent group attending email communications, one agent group attending SMS communications, etc.)

Fast forward to today and we see the emergence of omnichannel support. This involves the same group of agents each handling all of the customer communication channels.

The advantage, is the ability to allow your customers the choice of how they want to interact with your organization, which will often vary depending on the situation. This results in a more satisfying engagement with minimized inconvenience to the customer.

Channel Interplay

The challenge for most organizations in the omnichannel engagement model has to do with disparate customer data collection, leaving disjointed contact history records. This can be very frustrating to customers over repeat engagements since they find themselves filling in the data gaps themselves.

One Contact employs a true omnichannel approach that fluidly aggregates contact data from disparate contact mediums. This provides greater insight into the customer and allows us to deliver better solutions on behalf of our clients.

The omnichannel approach is all about customization to your customer’s contact needs. It radically improves the ease with which your customers can interact with your brand. It also reduces both the number and length of interactions, resulting in a higher net promotor scores.

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